Events: Wunderbar x Bad Etiquette present The Goldchains & Champagne Party

Goldchains & Champagne Party
Bad Etiquette x Wunderbar
Sunday April 5th 2015
Wunderbar (W Hotel) – 901 Square Victoria, Montreal
Music by: Godfather D x Dj Majess
Hosted by: Ralph Prosper x Mike Steven
Entrance: RSVP ONLY

See you all tonight 😉

The Wunderbar has teamed up with Bad Etiquette to bring you the hottest party of the weekend, Goldchains & Champagne on Sunday April 5th @ Wunderbar (W Hotel).

We got that Moët hookup all night… we got Godfather D & Dj Majess on the 1s & 2s… we got the staff rocking some Bad Etiquette gear… we got the Lionel Wong, Chief Rocka of Bad Etiquette partying with us and your hosts… Mike Steven & Ralph Prosper.

What more do you want??? It’s going to be a party y’all!!

So come and get your 24 hour champagne diet this Sunday @ Wunderbar… you won’t regret it… trust me 😉

Gold Chains & Champagne Bad Etiquette Wunderbar W Hotel


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