Events: Oasis Wednesdays (Special Edition) ft Dj Spinna (NYC) x Don Barbarino (MTL)

Oasis Wednesdays
Special Edition

Wednesday April 1st 2015
Salon Daomé – 141 Mont-Royal E., Montreal
Music by: Dj Spinna (NYC) x Don Barbarino (MTL)
Hosted by: Fockus Ent. x Hausbeat x 5 Starz Dope Soundz
Entrance: $8 before midnight / $12 after


on Wednesday April 1st @ Salon Daomé, the legendary dj/producer DJ SPINNA will be teaming up with our Oasis resident Don Barbarino dropping some serious gems all night long for another epic Oasis night where anything goes… a night for real music lovers… a funk x soul x jazz x hip-hop x house influenced night 😉

Oasis Wednesdays Dj Spinna

“Its true that there are other likeminded DJ/Producers in the world comparable to DJ Spinna, but for the most part, they choose a genre and master it. Ask them to flip another variety with the same intense knowledge and sleek-savvy and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone that can do it to Spinna’s extent.”

Oasis Wednesdays Dj Spinna

Entrance for this special event is only $8 before midnight… don’t sleep on it y’all!

Oasis Wednesdays where rhythm, dancing and good vibe becomes one!

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Oasis Wednesdays Dj Spinna


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