Music: MadDILLAiny (Madvillain vs J Dilla) (Mashup Mixtape)

MadDILLAiny (Madvillain vs J Dilla) Mashup Mixtape

MadDILLAiny (Madvillain vs J Dilla) (Mashup Mixtape)
Mixed by: DJ Skarface

Dope mashup mixtape featuring two of my favorite artists, Madvillain & J Dilla, arranged by Dj Skarface… nicely done homey 😉

“I took the never before released acapellas from the classic Stones Throw LP, Madvillainy, and mashed them up with various beats by J Dilla laced with scratching, interview clips and sample drops.”Dj Skarface

Download Share Enjoy 😉


1) Intro
2) Raid In The Funke
3) America’s Coldonit
4) Operation Runnin
5) Strange and Shit
6) Figaro=Won’t Do
7) Meat Player
8) Wild Eye
9) Shadows of Nasty
10) My Geek Folder
11) Hardwaves Hustle
Madvillian vs j dilla


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