Events: End Of Summer Jam – ‘A Touch Of White’

End Of Summer Jam – ‘A Touch of White’
Sunday, September 1st 2013
Wunderbar (W Hotel) – 901 Square Victoria – Montreal
Hosted by: Ralph Prosper & Mike Steven
Music by: Pat Boogie & Godfather D
Entrance: Priority to RSVP & Bottle Reservation

Can we restart summer??? Every summer has its own story… thus we bring you another memorable event… ‘End Of Summer Jam’… and yes we have another theme for this special event… ‘a touch of WHITE’.

Like the old saying goes ‘you can’t wear white after labour day’ so it’s technically your last chance to rock your ‘whites’! White pants, white top, white jacket, white scarf, white skirt or white shirt… you choose but rock it with style 😉

Hosted by Ralph Prosper & Mike Steven.

Pat Boogie & Godfather D will be providing the SOUNDTRACK to your ‘End Of Summer Jam’


RSVP list is COMPLETE – See you all by the bar 😉


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