Music: L’Orange Ft. Erica Lane – Femme Fatale (video)

L'Orange Ft. Erica Lane - Femme Fatale
“Femme Fatale”
L’Orange Ft. Erica Lane
Animation: Carlín Díaz

Dope and sexy animation created by Carlín Díaz featuring a track produced by L’Orange, Femme Fatale, who is featured on the album The Mad Writer.

“A man, sink in his routine, is carried away on a trip of seduction where the protagonist of that trip, whithout knowing, is his wife.
I think the routine is the mother of the deterioration in a relationship where the fact of seen at your couple in a completely different situation that you are used to can avoid it from wilting.

This animation took about two months to be realized. Was used as programs: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash and as source of inspiration: L’Orange Productions and ma fille.”Carlín Díaz


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