Music: From The Jungle – Lemy Leopard

Lemy Leopard - From The Jungle

From The Jungle
Produced by Lemy Leopard
Mixed and Masetered by Rufuss for VDH Recordings
Artwork by Grems

“From The Jungle” has a classic Underground House vibe to it that will for sure get you moving and dancing. The album was produced by the talented Lemy Leopard who will grace us by his presence on the 1s & 2s this Wednesday (April 10th 2013) @ Oasis Wednesdays… not to be missed.

You can stream the album below and buy directly from BANDCAMP.

From The Jungle by Lemy Leopard

More info on the Oasis Wednesdays event ft Lemy Leopard here!

Lemy Leopard
Lemy Leopard


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