Events: The Feast; 3 course meals, 3 floors 3 djs @ Newtown 23.12.12


The Feast
Sunday, December 23rd 2012
Newtown – 1476 Crescent Montreal
Djs: Nazli Var, Donald Lauture & Pat Boogie
Entrance: 3 course meal for $35 or $20 for party only access


This holidays season allow yourself to indulge yourself in excess on all fronts; music & gastronomy

Music; 3 floors of sonic blitz .

Le Balcon ft dj Nazli Var:
Click the link above for a preview of the settings.Heated and closed terrasse for the winter where intimacy is king.

Nazli Var
Nazli Var

Le Restaurant ft Donald Lauture
Click the link above for a preview of the
settings.Keywords; elegant, spacious & charming.
Donald Lauture
Donald Lauture

The Lounge ft Pat Boogie
Click the link above for a preview of the settings.
Hyypnotic settings where modern, sexy and cozy

Pat Boogie
Pat Boogie

3 course meal for 35$ before tax&tip

MENU: $35
Carrot soup, honey sour cream
Greens, roasted cherry tomato salad, with parmesan
Balsamic Vinaigrette
Talapia Veracruz
served with angel hair pasa
Steak Frites/Mash potatoes and seasonal vegetables
mushroom pappardelle
Chocolate mousse

À la carte menu also available

Bottle Packages prices:

A) 325$
1 Belvedere (750ml)
1 Veuve Clicquot (750ml)

B) 625$
1 Ciroc (750ml)
1 Veuve Clicquot (1.5L)

C) 950$
2 Ciroc (750ml)
1 Veuve Clicquot (1.5L)

Tickets 20$ or Reservations ( Dinner at 19h or Bottle service) or for more information please e-mail;



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