Photo Gallery: Dj Gardy Girault (Haiti) hanging out in Montreal

Gardy Girault · Don Barbarino

Gardy Girault trip to Montreal –
Mixing @ Oasis Wednesdays and hanging out @ Wunderbar (W Hotel) & Le Piano Rouge Lounge

The Oasis Crew was very happy and honored to welcome one amazing Dj/Producer from Haiti to Salon Daomé, Gardy Girault who played alongside 5 Starz Dope Soundz duo of Soul P & Don Barbarino. It was very exotic session of Oasis Wednesdays and an UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT 😉

Enjoy some photos of Gardy Girault, Soul P & Don Barbarino playing live @ Oasis Wednesdays and some other photos of Gardy Girault hanging out @ Wunderbar (W Hotel) for Rebirth of Cool and @ Le Piano Rouge Lounge for Saturday Night Soul both event hosted by Fockus Entertainment


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